William R. DePhillipo

William is a Co-Founder of Keystone Power Holdings, LLC and is responsible for the overall development pipeline, land development and deal acquisition in North America. William has successfully developed and built commercial solar arrays in many states in the U.S. including Puerto Rico.

William is owner of Green Energy Partners which was formed in 2011 with a focus to develop distributed generation solar projects in North America. GEP is focused on the development of Power Purchase Agreements with municipalities, local schools and universities for the purpose of delivering considerable cost savings to the client through developing large solar array fields. William has developed and built over 50 MWs of distributed generation projects while with GEP.

William previously delivered over 15 MW of volume in < 1 year as part of Conergy’s senior development team.

William previously served as President and is currently sole owner of WRD Properties LLC, which acquired and purchased residential and commercial tenant buildings. WRD Properties currently owns and operates a portfolio of buildings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

William served as President of TMI FirstSearch. TMI FirstSearch was a national staffing firm specializing in recruiting for the Telecommunications industry. Established and managed by him in 1994, TMI FirstSearch exponentially grew to be one of the most successful national firms in their niche market with multi-million dollar revenue’s and over 55 employees which was later acquired by Berwyn Consulting Group in 2006. William attended Villanova University and Stockton State College.

Anthony C. Fotopoulos

Anthony is a Co-Founder of Keystone Power Holdings, LLC and focuses on partner management, due diligence, deal placement, and financing

Previously Anthony was President and CEO of Conergy Americas, the North, Central and South American units of the billion dollar solar development, finance, engineering, procurement, construction and O&M firm, where he was responsible for all of Conergy’s efforts across all business segments.

Anthony started working with Conergy in 2006, initially with various roles in Corporate Strategy and in Sales, then as MD for distribution business and later as CFO/COO for Americas before becoming President and CEO and a member of the global Conergy Board. In his time at Conergy, Anthony and his teams have sold, built and/or financed over 300 MW of solar PV.

Before Conergy, Anthony was one of the founders of Photon Consulting, one of the original solar market research and consulting firms. Anthony was heavily focused on demand forecasting, value chain price analysis and new technologies. Anthony worked with many of the largest companies in or looking at solar for profit or finance through his time there.

Anthony also has over 10 years of operational and consulting experience across a variety of industries including Renewable Energy, Consumer Products, High Tech, Retail, and Transportation from his time at Ernst & Young and Accenture.

He received his MBA from M.I.T. and has a BS in Computer Science and Decision Sciences.